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Zoom gets into customer service

Zoom announced an expansion of customer service with a new extension called Zoom Contact Center.

Unsurprisingly, Zoom Contact Center is still built around video conferencing calls, allowing businesses to quickly interact with customers, but it’s not limited to that.

The goal is to streamline everything that happens in customer service into one tool, easily accessible and usable by operators and managers, with customers able to integrate the contact center directly into their current workflows.

At launch, Contact Center will have over 100 features for everyone involved, including agents, supervisors, and administrators. Zoom is also planning a slew of future updates, including deeper support for CRM tools.

Zoom Contact Center is launching first in the United States and Canada, with unspecified international markets to follow later in 2022.

“Previously, contact center infrastructure was complex to deploy, expensive to operate, and time-consuming to upgrade. Zoom Contact Center has been carefully designed to meet the needs of the modern agent and the end customer, who both expect a personalized, digital and efficient contact center experience,” said Oded Gal of Zoom.

Zoom has clearly emerged victorious from the pandemic, which has forced workers around the world to work from home.

Shares of the company started 2020 at around $73 before hitting an all-time high of $559 on October 12. Now Zoom is trading at around $126, well below its all-time high as people return to offices.

Zoom also came under intense pressure from Microsoft, which quickly rolled out Teams to businesses around the world, many (or perhaps all) of which have a pre-existing relationship with Microsoft.