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Volvo CE launches new digital services business for cargo solutions

A new business unit, Global Load Out Solutions AB, has been launched by Volvo CE to broaden the market for its portfolio of loading solutions and enable more customers to transform the efficiency and sustainability of their operations.

Independent of the brand, this new digital service will be available to a wide range of customers looking to use tools such as Efficient Load Out and Connected Load Out to improve workflow, increase profitability and reduce environmental impact. Additionally, with this launch, Volvo CE is looking to stay on track to achieve its goal of doubling service revenues to 30% by 2030.

Global Load Out Solutions will be a separate business unit led by Managing Director Annika Nissen, who joins Volvo CE to take on this role.

According to Volvo CE, the aim is to make it easier for customers to access and fully exploit connectivity tools that maximize the fill rate of construction trucks and therefore reduce the number of work cycles – loading tools that are only part of Connected solutions from Volvo CE.

Annika, with the support of a small team, will be responsible for marketing existing loading solutions and growing the market for them to existing and new Volvo customers. The new company will own both solutions and will be responsible for the development plan, commercial strategy and support.

“I have spent much of my career in the automotive sector – including roles within the Volvo Group, as well as small start-ups, so I am delighted to be back at Volvo, but with the opportunity to work in a brand new company, building it from the ground up, recruiting a small team, with sales and development skills and building relationships with customers,” says Annika Nissen, Managing Director of Global Load Out Solutions.

“The digital services market is growing and we anticipate strong demand for this new solution from organizations looking to explore how new technologies can transform the way they work.

Digital rendering of the job site using Volvo CE's Global Load Out Solutions AB digital service.

Gunnar Thorud, Head of Productivity and Chairman of the Board of the new company, says: “At Volvo CE, we are constantly adapting to the challenges and trends driving our industry, such as digitalization and changing customer needs. We are proud to launch this new company to build on our already impressive loading solutions and accelerate our ambition to help our customers work more efficiently and sustainably, now and in the future.

The new business entity will operate like a start-up, with a small, entrepreneurial and autonomous team that can react quickly to market and customer demands as well as new ways of working.