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TMS Ep179: India to IPEF, service charge, ICICI Pru’s S Naren, monkeypox

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday marked India’s entry into the US-led Indo-Pacific economic framework. India has joined the bloc along with 12 other nations – including the United States – to create a geostrategic counterweight to China’s growing influence in the region by stepping up economic cooperation. Although we are still in our infancy and the definitive contours of India’s participation have not yet emerged, there could also be areas of friction. Why should India walk with caution? From the trading tables in Tokyo, let’s focus on a storm brewing on the dining tables of restaurants back home. This is obviously above the bills. On Monday, the government said restaurants were illegally charging consumers a service tax. The restaurant association, for its part, denied it, saying it was an individual dining policy.

Similarly, restaurants illegally charge service fees. We dive into this debate and find out more. After the restaurant service tax debate, let’s focus on markets. Soaring inflation, global central bank policies and the Russian-Ukrainian war undermined confidence in global financial markets. So how do you navigate this uncertain phase? Will investors have to endure more hardship as their yields are reduced? What does S Naren, Executive Director and Chief Investment Officer at ICICI Prudential AMC think of the developments. Trade standardPuneet Wadhwa met him to understand his investment mantra. The pandemic and the ensuing war in Ukraine have indeed wreaked havoc on the markets, with no relief in sight. Meanwhile, the threat of another virus looms over Europe. More than 170 cases of monkeypox have been reported in Europe and four other countries outside the union. India is also on its guard. Find out more in the next episode of the podcast.

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