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The delivery services industry brings in 44 billion baht in 2020

BANGKOK:- The Department of Business Development (DBD) revealed that the document and parcel delivery services industry grew exponentially in 2021 compared to 2020, registering 44 billion baht in revenue in 2020 .

DBD Director General Thosapone Dansuputra made the statement citing data from the department, state news agency NNT reports.

He said the segment saw 560 new businesses registered in 2021, more than 200% from 2020.

The value of the sector’s combined assets and liabilities in 2020 was 10.9 billion baht, an increase of 88.28% from the previous year. Officials are still awaiting data on the 2021 value of combined assets and debt, Thosapone said.

The segment’s revenue in 2020 was recorded at 44.8 billion baht, a jump of 39.12 percent from 2019, it added.

Thai companies invested the most in the sector with 4.7 billion baht, followed by their Chinese counterparts with 65.7 million baht, Hong Kong with 18.41 mn baht, German with 13.77 mn baht and others with 125.12 baht min.

DBD Managing Director Mr. Thosapone noted that other factors besides the rise of online shopping are contributing to the growth of the delivery industry, namely improved logistics, aggressive marketing campaigns, increasing online payments and an extremely competitive environment.