Service charge

Take service charge, but build new roads in Chikalthana MIDC

Massia presents the proposal to the MIDC

Aurangabad, August 5:

The condition of the internal roads in Chikalthana MIDC has deteriorated over the past few years, and there is discontent among the industrialists due to the Aurangabad Municipal Corporation (AMC)’s neglect of the MIDC. Meanwhile, Massia offered to MIDC to take over the service and build new roads at Chikalthana MIDC.

Marathwada Small Industries and Agriculture Association (MASSIA) on March 16, 2022 held a meeting with officials of Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC) proposing to introduce service charge to build new roads . At the meeting, the contractors said they were willing to pay a monthly service charge to the company through the water bill. These service fees will increase tax collection and the MIDC could use its 50% share of the AMC tax to build new roads and install streetlights in Chikalthana MIDC.

Accordingly, a resolution to accept this proposal was discussed and approved at the recently held Massia meeting. Members said that MIDC should now send us a detailed proposal of the total cost of road construction and take over the service of industrialists and repair the roads as a priority.

Roads proposed from the property tax

Due to the absence of any type of repair over the past 30 years, the internal roads of Chikalthana MIDC are in a dilapidated state. It was also proposed that these roads be repaired by MIDC and AMC with the amount of property tax received from the industrial zone, but no action has been taken on this either.

These roads are in poor condition

The Chikalthana MIDC has a total of 31.8 km of roads, of which 18 km of roads are in very poor condition. There are major potholes in the sector W59 to W78, EL30 to EL29, W39 to W35, W1 to W16, B21 to B39 and also on the road behind the GGT company is in poor condition.

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