Service charge

Saint Lucia will waive service charges on price-controlled goods

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Saint Lucia must remove service charges on all price-controlled goods as the government seeks to cushion the impact of the rising cost of living on the population.

“This week, the Minister of Commerce will announce that we have removed service charges on all price-controlled goods in the country. The six percent service charge has been removed from all price-controlled goods. So the next shipment of price-controlled goods that arrives should have the price drop by at least six percent,” Prime Minister and Finance Minister Philip J. Pierre told reporters on Monday.

Pierre explained that his administration was doing its best under difficult circumstances. And he said he wanted people to understand that the rising cost of living is a global issue that no one should play politics around.

“It’s a global situation, there are problems in the supply chain, problems with the price of fuel all over the world. Saint Lucia is not unique and anyone who wants to pretend that Saint Lucia is unique not telling the truth,” said the MP for Castries East.

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The Prime Minister noted that there was a shortage of infant formula in the “great United States”.

The US President had to activate the Defense Production Act for the first time to import the merchandise.

The act allows the US government to better control industrial production in the event of an emergency and will allow it to direct suppliers of formula ingredients and prioritize delivery to manufacturers.

President Joe Biden also announced “Operation Fly Formula,” allowing Department of Defense commercial aircraft to import formula.

But Pierre observed that Saint Lucia’s options are limited, while at the same time the government has to deal with debts, including debts and salaries.

He reiterated the need for people, not just the government, to conserve, save energy and eat what is grown locally.

“These times are crucial,” said Pierre.

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