Service charge

Residents of ‘Dickensian’ tower refuse to pay service fees

Residents of a building in Greenwich with ‘Dickensian conditions’ are refusing to pay the service charge as they ask their housing agency to take action. Chris Sayudo, 60, is among tenants of the Court of Canada who say ‘piles of dirt’ and ‘rats and mice running around’ are not being dealt with. They also alleged that the proper security services they were paying for were not provided.

The Pinnacle Group, which provides cleaning and security services, and PA Housing, which manages the apartments, both deny the residents’ claims. But Chris says some residents are now refusing to pay the service charge and want a refund.

They are asking for £500 for each house covering the last three years. Chris said: “We want a refund of money paid for a service we did not receive. We want proper and legal safety consultation here, we have serious anti-social behavior which our landlord is not addressing. not.

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“There are piles of dirt around the estate, there are pigeon droppings everywhere, there are rats and mice running around, there is thick mold in the common areas, there are leaks flowing down the walls. It’s like Dickensian conditions.”

While residents continue to pay their rent, they have stopped paying their service charges since the beginning of the month. For Chris this equated to a payment of £30 per week.

A Pinnacle spokesperson said: “Our service includes the provision of a dedicated cleaner, who carries out a cleaning program for Canada Court and Clifton Lodge over the course of a week. If ever security is requested on a On an ad hoc basis, we can confirm that all of our security personnel hold valid SIA accreditation.We will continue to work with our customer and residents to address and resolve any service issues as they are brought to our attention.

A spokesperson for PA Housing said: “Canada Court and Clifton Lodge are both well maintained and regularly cleaned by our maintenance contractor. They are contracted to clean both blocks Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5.30pm and Saturday from 8 a.m. The service operates with a dedicated cleaner on site who travels around both blocks completing a cleaning schedule over the course of a week.

The company added that it would continue to work closely with residents to “provide clean, tidy and well-maintained common areas”.