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Proposed additional service charge for tenants and high rise tenants from Thanet Council – The Isle Of Thanet News

Trove Court and Kennedy House are among those with patrols and wake watch services

Tenants and tenants in Thanet Council’s six towers will receive a new service charge of £133 a year to pay for the employment of two new dedicated housing response officers.

If approved, the fee will be introduced from April 1 next year.

The aim is to fund the £62,650 annual cost of the service, which means the two officers only work at the high-rise buildings Invicta House in Margate, Trove Court and Kennedy House and Staner Court in Ramsgate, as well as Brunswick Court and Harbor Towers in Ramsgate.

Last month Cabinet members backed proposals for two new contracts linked to blocks owned by the island council. One was for cleaning services in common areas and a second for security patrols and standby services,

Twice-a-night patrols at Staner Court, Trove Court, Kennedy House, Brunswick Court, Harbor Towers and Invicta House responded to issues including rubbish and other items left in communal areas, noise and anti-social behavior , blocked garbage chutes and fire activations. alarm systems.

Patrols record and report any issues to council housing management officers so that any necessary follow-up action can be organised.

A document for members of Thanet Council’s Cabinet states: “More resources are needed to improve the cleanliness and appearance of our towers. This can be achieved by creating two new HRO roles within the TLS structure (Tenant and Leaseholder). To fund the two new roles, it is recommended that council introduce additional service charges for tenants and tenants in these blocks.

Thanet council says it receives many complaints about litter, flies and weeds, but the ‘barrier’ to dealing with issues at a higher level is the number of frontline staff it has. a on domains. The report adds: “We therefore need to find a way to increase the number of HROs to improve our service delivery.

A council consultation asking whether tenants and tenants would support an increase in housing officers was answered by 76 out of 455 people (16.7%). Of those who participated, 46% were in favor.

A breakdown of the increased costs that will be covered by the new service charge – which equates to £2.56 per week – is as follows:

  • 2 x HRO Officers £55,700
  • Officer training/equipment, etc. £1,000 per year
  • New van (lifespan approx 5 years) £20,000 / 5 years
  • Fuel charge (around £60 per month) £720
  • Insurance premium for van £1,010
  • Road tax estimate £220
  • Annual cost of service £62,650

Number of units in towers 471

Annual charge per accommodation £133.01 divided by 52 weeks £2.56 per week

Income from tenants 5,457.92 Income from tenants 57,241.60

Total income £62,699.52

For residents applying for housing allowance or the housing element of Universal Credit, service charges for common areas can be claimed and will not be financially impacted

The blocks consist of a 9% lease, purchased under right to purchase legislation; 39% of sublets and 77% of tenants in social benefits

Cabinet members will discuss the proposal at a meeting on December 16. If accepted, the proposal will be submitted to the full council for approval.