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Press release: Clean Motion and Bosch – Collaboration on a new service concept in cities (EN)

Press release: 2022-04-27

Clean Motion and Bosch Collaborate to Improve Services for Craftsmen and Facilities in Cities

Real estate and craftsman services in cities are becoming more and more difficult both for the owners and for the companies that carry out the works and services. That’s why Clean Motion and Robert Bosch AB are now working together to develop a smarter and more sustainable solution concept.

“Managing service work with reduced emissions requires smart and different solutions for the urban environment. That is why the electric vehicles of tomorrow for property management and service must be both small, spacious and It’s time to change the way goods and tradesmen-services are transported in cities,” says Christoffer Sveder, Commercial Director of Clean Motion.

The goal of the collaboration is to create a modern, end-to-end solution based on a business model that truly supports professional artisans in the urban environment. The starting point is Clean Motion’s Re:volt electric vehicle, which will be adapted and optimized to handle tools and materials in an integrated and efficient way.

“We know that companies that provide services in city centers face major challenges in the transition to sustainable urban development. Solutions are needed to meet the requirements of low-speed and zero-emission zones as well as to the complexity of parking.

Together we are now developing a sustainable and modern solution at a lower cost,” says Ralf Mårtensson, Business Development Manager at Robert Bosch AB.

With artisans for artisans

Clean Motion and Robert Bosch AB are now looking for candidates in construction and real estate services to co-create the concept. The goal is to develop a solution that is currently lacking on the market. Work will continue until the fall, when live testing is expected to begin.

About Re:volt

Re:volt is Clean Motion’s latest vehicle for “last mile” deliveries and urban environments. It has a 5% CO2e footprint compared to other delivery vehicles. Rooftop solar cells allow for minimal need for charging infrastructure, extending both range and vehicle life.

Clean Motion’s go-to-market strategy for Re:volt is based on including customers and partners for the final stages of the development phase. In this process, the company invited some companies to finalize the vehicle for various use cases and industries. Validation will go through the deployment of commercial pilots, starting in the second half of 2022.

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Clean Motion AB is a Swedish company that manufactures and sells truly sustainable vehicles designed for cities. The vehicles are produced locally and based on clear energy and resource efficiency, to maximize the adoption of electric vehicles globally. The company’s vision is to deliver solar-powered urban mobility and offer low-energy, lightweight electric vehicles to meet the urban transportation challenges of the 21st century.

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