Service concept

Porsche launches service concept for high-voltage batteries

In view of the increasing electrification of the industry, Porsche is adapting the service activity of its dealer organization. A repair concept for high-voltage batteries aims to make the work of dealers easier and to generate added value for customers.

According to Porsche, it endeavored at an early stage to allow workshops to carry out an analysis of the Taycan using the so-called Porsche Diagnostic Tester. The company had already communicated how the reading procedure works at the beginning of March 2022, so that dealers can read the data independently and pass it on to customers.

“The total battery capacity is determined by the worst cell – if a cell loses capacity, this limits the range,” says Christian Brügger, product engineer at Porsche’s Aftersales Electrics division. “We can detect a faulty cell using the workshop’s diagnostic tester. For example, if the voltages do not match, we know which module needs to be replaced before the repair.

A service concept for electric vehicles consists of several steps. The basis for this is a high-voltage support point specially designed for HV battery repairs and which has the appropriate special tools and trained personnel.

If it is not possible to use a high-voltage support point, the sports car manufacturer sets up supraregional centers for the repair of high-voltage vehicles, also located in certified Porsche centers. The vehicles are transported from the Porsche center that accepted them to the high-voltage hub, are repaired there and sent back to the original Porsche center after a final quality check. If transportation to a suitable repair location is not possible, a mobile high voltage expert will be deployed to repair defective high voltage batteries on site.

Cellular modules that have served their service in the vehicle but are still functional should be used for stationary tasks. As part of its second life strategy, Porsche is working on a pilot project to reuse high-voltage batteries. Together with the Volkswagen Group and other partners, Porsche is constantly optimizing existing recycling processes.

Porsche is also planning an app solution that will allow customers to independently check the health of their vehicle.