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Peplink launches InTouch, a contactless local network management service

Peplink launches InTouch, a contactless local network management service


April 14, 2022

VILNIUS, Lithuania., April 14, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Today, Peplink announced InTouch, a contactless remote network management solution that helps administrators manage camera systems, IP phones or any other connected device while avoiding costly OOBM or VPN licenses and infrastructure overhead. Leveraging Peplink’s global SpeedFusion Cloud network, remote sites will establish a management tunnel that allows administrators to reach and manage any network device – without port forwarding, public IPs or VPN infrastructure.

Today’s corporate networks need to support users and devices at remote locations for many reasons. Managing a large number of IP phones, camera systems or other specialized devices becomes really difficult when they are behind home broadband networks or on cellular networks. Traditional network management tools such as OOBM and VPN licensing systems are designed and priced with the large enterprise environment in mind. The cost of extending these business-centric tools to these remote sites becomes hard to justify, let alone the support.

Peplink’s InTouch service provides the ability to connect directly to the device management user interface of any device behind any Peplink router. InTouch reaches each device remotely through the SpeedFusion Cloud infrastructure and leverages Peplink’s InControl2 single-pane glass management system to provide network visibility.

All Peplink products running firmware 8.2.0 or later, with valid access to InControl2 and SpeedFusion Cloud will be able to use the InTouch service. It also means that both user and administrator enjoy the benefits of SpeedFusion Cloud, so the connectivity experience is always protected and seamless, allowing everyone to stay productive.

Gordon Beck – Vice President, USA Phone said, “Using InTouch to remotely connect to the web interfaces of VoIP phones and managed POE switches on a customer’s network with the click of a mouse is a win.” considerable time for our support staff. It will be a feature that in just a few months will have you wondering how you ever lived without InTouch.

Keith Chau, Managing Director of Peplink, said, “Customers are tired of the cost and complexity of managing network devices at remote sites such as cameras, phones and other infrastructure. These solutions are either not possible in a WFx or field environment, or they are simply too expensive to scale in this new way of working. Now we can give them a tool they don’t even have to deploy – it’s just integrated into their SpeedFusion-powered network.”


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