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Omicron hits service sector growth in UK and US; German inflation at highest since 1992 – as it happened | Business

“Will this be the tale on repeat for early 2022? Banking and energy stocks up and rate-sensitive growth stocks down? Investors shouldn’t have been surprised by the tone of increasingly hawkish employee of the U.S. Federal Reserve and yet the mere anticipation of seeing his final black-and-white comments sparked a sell-off in a tech stock yesterday that kept rolling. piper calls to get paid, inflation numbers for the next few months look pretty nailed on the back of Germany’s latest update.

“And this pressure on households is not good for any government, especially those looking to raise taxes to pay for some of the blows inflicted by Covid. Pressure could be mounting on the UK Chancellor to reverse his NHS recovery plans, but at the moment it looks like Rishi Sunak isn’t for the bend. But how can consumers be expected to continue spending nationwide out of the pandemic if their cash reserves are dwindling? And how will the popularity of this government cope with people’s growing discomfort as energy bills keep rising. Working from home on a day when the temperatures plunge takes on a new hue, and there will be plenty of putting on extra layers in order to keep fingers icy off the thermostats.

“What was also noticeable today was the lack of investor enthusiasm for past performance. Next may have boosted sales and raised its earnings forecast for a rather dramatic fifth time in ten months, but the big story is quickly becoming familiar. Prices would have to rise to meet the twin threats of rising wages and rising shipping costs. What will be the impact of the decision to pass on the costs to sales to consumers? This is the big question that many companies will have to wrestle with over the next 6-12 months. If this Christmas was about making up lost ground, spring might be more about recovering lost savings.

“Companies that provide vital services and those that are indispensable look very good to many investors at the moment. Shares of Walgreens rose nicely in early trading before falling slightly as the company raised its earnings forecast. Sales hit a twenty-year high as those who picked up their Covid jabs stayed to roam the aisles and found plenty more to tempt them with than in previous years. But overall, U.S. investors are feeling jittery, searching for that silver sliver among the dark clouds as last year’s tech rally pulls back.