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Off-docks in Bangladesh for consensus before service fee hike

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The Private Inland Container Depots (ICDs) or Off-Docks in Bangladesh, which have been in the news recently and have come under fire for their unilateral decision to increase service charges recently, have decided to seek consensus before increasing the rates for their other facilities.

According to the media, they have decided to hold discussions with stakeholders in this regard first, even though BICDA – Bangladesh Inland Container Depots Association or BICDA, through a notice on August 11, has increased the charges. of a service involving the processing of imports. containers loaded by approximately 34% with immediate effect – would have pointed out that this was one of five types of services that required the use of diesel, such as vehicle and equipment operations, and whose costs were to be adjusted to the August 5 fuel price increase.

Meanwhile, to decide the remaining service charge, the platform (BICDA) decided to hold meetings with Bangladesh Forwarders Association (BAFFA) and Bangladesh Shipping Agents Association (BSAA) even though reports suggest that BICDA recently held a meeting with shipping agents and consensus was reached on a 24 percent increase in the fee for handling empty containers.