Service business

Long-time service company Tiffin is looking for a buyer

Tiffin, Ohio— The Tiffin-Seneca Economic Partnership (TSEP) announced on Monday that the owner of a longtime Seneca County utility business wanted to sell the business and real estate.

Detailed information on this opportunity, codenamed “Project Mystic”, can be found on TSEP’s “Entrepreneurial Opportunity Clearinghouse” at The opportunity will remain open until March 7, 2022.

The business owner wishes to remain anonymous at this time and is looking to sell the business as soon as possible. The owner is asking $250,000 for the business. This year’s annual sales are expected to be $450,000, generating $70,000 in profit. The company currently has four full-time employees. The business owner can provide support and serve as a resource to help the buyer learn about the business.

This company is currently located in Tiffin. The owner is also selling a building for $350,000, which includes 11,000 square feet of retail space plus additional storage space.

Tiffin Mayor Aaron Montz declared his support for the project. “The Entrepreneurial Opportunity Clearinghouse continues to be a resource for connecting entrepreneurs with business owners ready to retire, but not looking to close their successful businesses. I hope this project keeps this long-standing business in Tiffin.

Eligible parties may include individuals wishing to manage and/or own the business, but need not be both. The Tiffin-Seneca Entrepreneurial Opportunity Clearinghouse (TSEOC), launched in April 2021, is designed to facilitate the flow of entrepreneurial talent and capital to new business start-up, franchise and business acquisition opportunities.

There may be investors who do not want to run the business but would be willing to invest if a capable entrepreneur and business manager could be found.

Interested parties should contact David Zak, President and CEO of TSEP, at or by phone at 419.912.1150.