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HP launches Instant Ink – the first-ever Singapore ink subscription service, Business News

Instant Ink makes printing more convenient, cost effective and sustainable than ever. Hassle-free ink delivery to the door means no more “ink emergencies”

News Highlights

  • With Instant Ink, users automatically get new ink cartridges delivered to their doorstep when their printers run out of ink
  • Subscribers will receive a three-month free trial of up to 1,500 pages/month when they purchase a qualifying printer,[1] only available for a limited period[2]
  • Subscribers can save up to 50% on ink[3] with plans from $1.90/month
  • Instant Ink uses Original HP cartridges, allowing subscribers to be part of its closed-loop cartridge recycling process[4]

SINGAPORE, March 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — HP Inc. today announced the launch of Instant Ink, that of Singapore first ink cartridge subscription service for home printing. To meet the growing needs of consumers in today’s hybrid world, Instant Ink from HP opens up new opportunities for hybrid working and learning from home.

HP launches Instant Ink – the first-ever Singapore ink subscription service

Viviane ChuaSingapore General Manager, HP Inc. said, “We are printing more than ever as more people rely on hybrid working and learning from home. Not only are we seeing an increase in demand for printers, but existing owners are also using their printers more. Subscribers won’t have to worry about “ink emergencies” – Instant Ink supplies new ink cartridges even before they run out. I’m excited for print users to experience the freedom, flexibility and convenience of using Instant Ink.

Impression matters more than ever when learning in a hybrid world

Studies show that students of all ages are better able to retain and absorb information when reading on paper than when working on screens alone.[5] There is also a strong correlation between print and improved cognitive development at different learning stages of life.[6] At home, where distractions are plentiful, printed materials help children focus and learn better. Combined with digital and on-screen tools, parents can ensure their children get the most out of the blended learning experience.

dr. Vivien YangDirector and Senior Psychologist, Bloom Child Psychology, said, “Blended learning is an opportunity for parents to consider different learning options. printed reading materials, games and activities to enrich and complement their children’s learning journey. »

With Instant Ink, subscribers save up to 50% on ink and have peace of mind with:

  • Profitability and Convenience HP ink cartridges delivered straight to their door – before they run out and only when they need them. Ink cartridges, shipping and recycling are included in the low monthly subscription
  • Original HP ink cartridgeswhich are water-based for odorless, low-emission printing[7] and designed for reliability and consistency
  • A new seamless recycling program[8] which allows users to return used cartridges by post – making it easier than ever to ensure e-waste enters the recycling ecosystem
  • HP Smart App,[9] a secure mobile application available on Google Play and App storethat complements the printing experience by giving users the ability to print, scan and share documents on their printers anytime, anywhere

No annual fees or blocking contract,[10] subscribers can choose from a variety of plans and change their subscription plans at any time as their needs change. For a limited time, subscribers get a three-month free trial when they purchase a new qualifying printer.

Designed with the planet in mind

With over 10 million subscribers worldwide, Instant Ink is not only good for subscribers, but also good for the planet. To date, more than 875 million[11] Original HP ink and toner cartridges were recycled by customers with HP Planet Partners.[12] These cartridges require less packaging and shipping, and users can return their cartridges via prepaid envelopes and be part of HP’s closed-loop cartridge recycling process.

Additionally, since users do not have to leave their homes to acquire the ink, the carbon footprint for purchasing and disposing of ink can be reduced by up to 84%.[13] Please visit for more details.

Price and availability

10 pages/month – $1.90
50 pages/month – $5.90
100 pages/month – $8.90
300 pages/month – $17.90
700 pages/month – $36.90

About HP

HP Inc. is a technology company that believes that a thoughtful idea has the power to change the world. Its product and service portfolio of personal systems, printers and 3D printing solutions helps bring these ideas to life. To visit

[1] To see eligible printers here

[2] Registration for HP Instant Ink required. Instant Ink is not available in all countries. Use of the supplied ink cartridge is included in the offer period. Subject to a monthly limit of 1,500 pages. If no payment method is provided, Instant Ink subscription cartridges will no longer function at the monthly page limit or at the end of the trial. If credit card is provided, customer will be charged for overage fees and applicable taxes at the end of each month of the promotional period. Unless service is canceled during the online promotional period at, a monthly service fee, based on the plan selected, plus taxes and overage fees will be charged to the users Credit/debit card. Must complete HP Instant Ink enrollment within 7 days of setting up the printer with HP’s recommended setup process as outlined in the instructions provided with the printer. One offer valid per printer. Free months with HP Instant Ink offer subject to change after 12/31/2023. Offer cannot be redeemed for cash. The installation offer can be combined with other offers; see the terms and conditions of the other offer for more details. Requires an email address and an Internet connection to the printer. See additional information on available offers during the online registration process. For service details, see

[3] Based on monthly subscription cost of HP Instant Ink 700-page plans without purchase of additional page sets compared to cost per page to print ISO/IEC 24711 pages on most traditional A4 color inkjet printers and MFPs using OEM standard capacity cartridges priced below $399 USD color inkjet MFPs and color inkjet printers. Selling price not considered for this study. HP Ink Advantage printers excluded due to non-standard hardware and supplies model. April 2021 Keypoint Intelligence study commissioned by HP, based on publicly available information as of March 1, 2021. Selected printers by market share in IDC Quarterly Hardcopy Peripherals Tracker – Final Historical Q4 2020. For details, please see

[4] 82% of Original HP ink cartridges contain 45-70% recycled plastic. 100% of Original HP toner cartridges contain 5-45% post-consumer or post-industrial recycled content. Does not include toner bottles, ink bottles and other products not listed. To see for the list.

[5]Jill Barshay, “Evidence increases for reading on paper instead of screens“, The Hechinger Report, August 2019.

[6] Ferris Jabr, “The Reading Brain in the Digital Age: The Science of Paper vs. Screens” Scientific American, 2013

[7] Up to A3+ page size HP printing systems comply with Blue Angel DE-UZ 205 sec. 3.3 emissions limit or earlier BA versions applicable when printing system is launched. An HP printing system consists of an HP printer, HP paper, and an Original HP supply. See here:

[8] Program availability varies. Original HP cartridge return and recycling is currently available in more than 60 countries, territories, and regions in Asia, Africa, Europe, and North and South America through the HP Planet Partners program. Program availability varies. For details, see

[9] Requires HP Smart app download. For details on local printing requirements, see Some features/software are available in English only and differ between desktop and mobile apps. A subscription may be required. Subscription may not be available in all countries. See details on Internet access required and must be purchased separately. HP account required for full functionality. List of supported operating systems available in app stores. The fax functions are intended for sending a fax only. After 24 months, monthly charges apply to continue using advanced features with HP Smart Advance. HP Smart Advance is not available in all countries. For more information, see

[10] Change or cancel your plan anytime online. If you decide to cancel your HP Instant Ink plan, you can go back to using Original HP standard or XL cartridges. Plan upgrades are effective immediately and charges will be applied retrospectively or on the next billing cycle, depending on the user’s choice. Plan downgrades and cancellations are effective after the last day of the current billing period. For details, visit

[11] The sustainable option:

[12] Program availability varies. Original HP cartridge return and recycling is currently available in more than 60 countries, territories, and regions in Asia, Africa, Europe, and North and South America through the HP Planet Partners program. Program availability varies. For more details, see

[13] Compared to purchasing the same HP ink cartridges without a subscription. Based on a 2017 Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) conducted by Four Elements Consulting and commissioned by HP. The analysis includes the CO2 equivalent associated with customer trips to purchase ink cartridges from a retail store versus direct delivery to a customer’s home, and includes recycling of empty ink cartridges versus to their disposal. Data and assumptions drawn from six years of US customer data. The reductions in material consumption, carbon footprint, energy consumption and water consumption are average values.