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FAAN denies payment of 15 months of unpaid service fees – DEC Cleaning Agency alleges

…..alleges breach of public procurement law as FAAN remains silent

By our correspondent.

One of Porthacourt Airport’s international wing service providers, Dynamic Cleaning Agencies (DEC), has accused the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) of non-payment of more than 15 months of fees of unpaid payment service rendered at the airport, resulting in huge sum of money.

The cleaning agency also accused FAAN of breaching the terms of the contract. The Agency, whose staff allegedly blocked off strategic areas at Portharcourt International Airport and posted several placards on Monday morning, alleged unfairness in the way FAAN treated its organization.

According to the director of the DEC cleaning agency, Mr. Gabriel, who spoke in an exclusive interview with our correspondent, he noted that, the incident occurred in the early morning of Monday, when the staff resumed his various service positions but felt his job and livelihood were at stake.

According to him, “It actually started on Monday morning, around 6:00 a.m. normal resumption time for our staff, but before this event there is this trending insinuation at Port Harcourt International Airport of a new contractor taking over. of those who currently manage the place.

Gabriel, who also serves as a supervisor, noted that while FAAN is refusing to pay the company a 15-month outstanding payment. He would have issued a cleaning contract to other companies.

“I think it’s the worst case scenario, FAAN owed DEC Cleaning Agency more than 15 months for the service offered based on the contractual agreement, but without prejudice to that, they would have awarded the same contract to another company without following formal and legal procedures”

The manager, Mr Gabriel, who alleged foul play in the overall proceedings, said staff at the December cleaning agencies who were seen carrying various placards, with badges such as: ‘FAAN PAY DEC 15 MONTHS OUSTANDING”, “NO DEC NO CLEANING IN PHIA”, “NO PAY NO WORK” felt threatened and deceived by the perceived injustice and could not help but post their grievances in an attempt to seek redress in the direction of the airport.

“The truth is that the DEC cleaning agency and another company that currently manages Portharcourt International Airport have an ongoing contract, but in what looks or what I can compare to a contract scam or something or a fraudulent way of trying to give a contract without authorization procedure as in implying to do so”

“As a result, the staff of the DEC Cleaning Agencies who are resuming early this morning and are unsure of what may be their fate, felt that the best way out was to express their dissatisfaction to the management of the airport. Port Harcourt International and FAAN is demonstrating.

He further revealed that ‘issues like this which emanated from the domestic wing of Portharcourt Airport have been resolved. He calls on the FAAN to look into this issue.

Recalled that earlier in the year, attorney Benjamin Barnes Arekameh, Esq. chambers of Arekameh & Arekame, dragged the highest echelons of the aviation industry to court, alleging they breached the Public Procurement Act 2007.

Human Rights Lawyer, Barrister Barnes Arekameh, Esq, of Arekameh & Arekameh’s Chambers, in a lawsuit FHL/L/CS/325/22, filed 23/02/22, and submitted to the High Court Federal of Nigeria Lagos Judicial Division Ikoyi. wrote on behalf of his client, a Mr. Frank Olu, demanding the restriction of Scot Willia…


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