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Domo Ranked #1 Vendor in Dresner Advisory Services’ 2022 Self-Service Business Intelligence Market Study | national company


Today Dom (Nasdaq: DOMO) announced that it was the top vendor in Dresner Advisory Services’ 2022 Self-Service Business Intelligence Market Research.

In its eleventh edition, Dresner Advisory Services’ report examined end-user deployments and trends around self-service business intelligence (BI). The top vendors in this market have been ranked based on their collaboration, governance, and Guided Analytics ® capabilities, and their ability to create an environment where users can easily create and share information in a managed and consistent way.

Domo’s cloud-based platform, with its user-friendly focus and ability to transform the business by making data work for everyone, put it ahead of 13 other vendors.

“We congratulate Domo on earning the top spot in our 11th annual self-service BI market assessment,” said Howard Dresner, Founder and Director of Research, Dresner Advisory Services. “Now more than ever, self-service BI is essential for businesses to drive adoption deeper into their organizations, helping to leverage information resources and internal expertise to improve business decision making. governed manner.”

“Despite massive increases in data volumes and investments, data mining is still limited to less than 30% of most organizations. With our cloud-native design and focus on user experience, we help businesses be more agile and improve business results. Through innovations like data applications, Domo is helping to transform the way business is done,” said John Mellor, CEO of Domo.

For a copy of Dresner Advisory Services’ 2022 Self-Service Business Intelligence Market Study, visit here.

Dresner Consulting Services was trained by Howard Dresner, independent analyst, author, speaker and business consultant. Dresner Advisory Services, LLC is focused on creating and sharing thought leadership for Business Intelligence (BI) and related fields. Wisdom of Crowds® research is based on data collected on usage and deployment trends, products and vendors. Users in all roles and industries have helped provide a comprehensive view of market realities, plans and perceptions.

About Domo

Domo transforms the company by putting data at the service of all. Domo’s low-code data application platform goes beyond traditional business intelligence and analytics to enable anyone to build data applications to power any action in their business, there where the work is done. Thanks to Domo’s fully integrated native cloud platform, critical business processes can now be optimized in days instead of months. For more information, visit You can also follow Domo on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Domo is a registered trademark of Domo, Inc.

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