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Civic Day Engages Trumbull High School Students in Community Service – Business Journal Daily

WARREN, Ohio — Trumbull County high school students got a taste of what it’s like to serve the community during Trumbull County Civic Day on Friday.

In partnership with first responders, elected and appointed officials, school administrators and others, students spent the day learning what it takes to make the civic sector work.

The day yielded three students – Hadyn Mahan, 18, a senior at Bristol High School; Ronald Lame, 18, a senior at Mineral Ridge High School; and Navaeh Thomas, 17, a junior at Girard High School – a lot of thought. Mahan followed Trumbull County Commissioner Frank Fuda. Lame was paired with his manager, Joe Stevens. And Thomas spent the day at Brian O’Hara, superintendent of his school district.

By learning about local government, Mahan got an insight into the roles of commissioners and what the different offices do. “It was nice,” he said. Already considering career paths navigating to leadership, Mahan enjoyed learning some of the “finer details,” which solidified his decision, he said.

Lame learned about the process of preparing student schedules during her day with Stevens. “It’s interesting,” he said. Although Lame plans to go into business and accounting, he says he has also thought about teaching or counseling. “Maybe it’s something I visit on the road.”

Thomas helped organize O’Hara’s schedule for the next school year. “He showed me where the bus garage was, where all the offices were.” She said she would remember everything she learned from O’Hara.

Ohio Treasurer Robert Sprague

“I will definitely take his advice and what he taught me about schools and how the city works, how it all comes down to him,” she said. “It’s something that interests me.”

Jenny Pancake, supervisor of program instruction at the Trumbull County Educational Services Center, explained that the students followed their civic worker for the morning and then met for lunch with a keynote address from the treasurer of Ohio State, Robert Sprague.

“I want to talk to kids about the importance of public service,” Sprague said.

About 100 students from 18 county schools participated. It is important to engage students in conversation about civic careers. Crepe said.

“It’s about learning by doing that children aren’t going to fit into a traditional setting at school,” she said. “They can get out there, see real life, talk to people who live and breathe that every day.”

When Sprague took to the podium over lunch, he gave students advice: say yes.

“Someone offer to send you to incident command training? Say yes. Those opportunities provide other opportunities down the road,” Sprague said. Skills learned from jumping at the chance “become practical” while throughout life, he said.

Pictured above: Students Hadyn Mahan, Ronald Lame and Navaeh Thomas participated in Trumbull County Civic Day on Friday, shadowing officials from across the county.

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