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Assiniboine Credit Union Erroneously Charges Members $1,000 for ‘Maintenance Service Fee’


Some Manitobans doing business with the Assiniboine Credit Union (ACU) have been mistakenly charged a $1,000 maintenance fee by the credit union.

A photo provided to CTV News shows an ACU member account billed with a $1,000 “maintenance service fee” on October 31.

An ACU spokesperson confirms that some members were charged $1,000 instead of their usual monthly fee, which varies between $3 and $16.50, depending on the plan.

“As soon as we saw the problem, we immediately took action to correct it,” read a statement from the ACU.

“We are investigating how and to what extent this happened to ensure it does not happen again,” the statement continued.

On Monday morning, Assiniboine Credit Union (ACU) alerted members on social media to the issue.

A flurry of responses came in from members complaining about the load and the long wait times to reach an ACU attendant and rectify the load.

“Just a minor inconvenience to be honest,” Apenimon Mato wrote to CTV News. “I was putting in gas and noticed it, they called me back and I’ve already been refunded the amount.”

Naomi Joy had a similar experience, telling CTV News in a statement that “the matter was dealt with quickly and they returned my call.”

Some members, however, were not very happy with the exorbitant charge even though it was quickly resolved.

“$1,000 is not something you write off and go about your day, even assuming it was a bank error and will be fixed,” Miles Majcher wrote to CTV News.

“It’s an emotional stress as well as a financial one.”

In an updated statement, Assiniboine Credit Union told CTV News that the source of the problem was not a hack into their systems and that all fees will be refunded to members by the end of the day.