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After the service charge cap, here’s how much you’ll have to pay for the Covid-19 vaccine in private hospitals

After Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday announced a price cap on service charges for Covid-19 vaccines in private hospitals, vaccine prices between manufacturers were revised.

Prime Minister Modi said the Center decided to buy 75% of vaccines from vaccine manufacturers for free supply to states, while private sector hospitals would continue to source 25% of vaccines but they cannot charge over 150 Rs per dose over the pre-set price.

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In a letter to all states and union territories, the Department of Health suggested that appropriate strict action be taken against private vaccination centers for overloading.

Here are the prices after the ceiling of Rs 150 per dose (including 5% GST):

Covishield: Rs 780

Covaxine: Rs 1,410

Sputnik V: Rs 1,145

The Department of Health has asked states to ensure that the prices declared by the various private Covid Vaccination Centers (CVCs) do not exceed the cap.

The Serum Institute of India sells its Covishield to private hospitals at Rs 600 per dose (excluding GST). Bharat Biotech has set the cost of its Covaxin at Rs 1,200 per dose for private establishments. Both vaccines are supplied to the central government at a cost of Rs 150 per dose. Sputnik V is supplied to private hospitals at Rs 948 per dose.

“Private hospitals can charge up to a maximum of Rs 150 per dose as a service charge. State governments can monitor the price so charged,” the ministry said.

The ministry also called on states and union territories to regularly monitor the prices charged by private HVACs to citizens. “It is also requested that whenever cases of overcharging over the declared CVC price are reported, appropriate strict action be taken against such private CVCs,” he said.

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In an address to the nation on Monday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced that the central government will provide a free Covid-19 vaccine to states for inoculation of all over 18 from June 21.

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