Service charge

Advice Bill could see operators lose power over service charges

The new bill, introduced by Tory MP Dean Russell, is seen as a way to enshrine the rights of hospitality staff to receive any money they have left in tips from customers and ensure fair treatment. system.

Withholdings by operators would be banned under the new bill, with staff either having to keep the money they receive directly or agreeing a pooling system with colleagues.

As reported by The temperature​​​, the MP for Watford Russell said: “When we look at the role that many people play when working in bars or restaurants etc, tips are often seen as part of the salary in some way. – right or wrong.

“It’s always seemed wrong to me that companies can pass on tips given by the customer directly to that person or to the staff for the companies to say, ‘Well, actually, that’s part of the payment for what they get ” .”

The private member’s bill is due to be considered by parliament in September.

Dave Turnbull, Unite’s national hospitality officer, said: ‘This private member’s bill reveals the government’s failure to bring in long-promised fair tipping legislation.

“Not only does the government need to finally introduce fair tipping legislation, but it needs to make sure it’s strong enough to prevent it from being undermined by loopholes. »