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25 ideas for senior service businesses

The baby boomer generation controls the majority of disposable income in the United States. And as this generation ages, there is a growing need across the country for companies that provide important services to seniors.

If you are looking for a business opportunity to start in the next few years, jumping into the senior services industry could be both lucrative and helpful to others. Here are some of the best business ideas to consider in this industry.

Senior Services Business Ideas

Rest house

A nursing home is a facility that provides round-the-clock medical care to elderly residents. Some specialize in helping people with certain conditions like dementia, while others are more general.

Assisted living facility

Assisted living centers provide similar services to nursing homes, but on a slightly smaller scale. Residents enjoy a little more autonomy, but still have access to people on site to help with medical care and some tasks.

retirement community

Retirement communities are primarily residential facilities, not medical centers. They offer senior-friendly accommodations and can even set up unique activities to help residents stay active.

Adult day care

Adult day care centers are not residential communities, but rather provide space and activities for seniors to enjoy during the day.

Home medical care

Many older people want to stay at home, but could still benefit from regular medical care. With this type of service, a nurse or medical professional would come on site on a regular schedule to administer medications and similar types of care.

General home care

Many seniors could also benefit from having non-medical staff visit regularly to help with various household chores like laundry, cooking, and shopping.

Non-emergency medical transportation

If you’re interested in starting a transportation business, many seniors might need help getting to regular doctor visits or appointments where they might not be able to drive themselves. .

General Transportation

Many seniors also choose not to drive at all or cannot due to certain medical conditions. So you could also start a general transportation service that targets seniors who need help running errands or getting out of the house.

Medical assistance

The health insurance claims process can be difficult to navigate for people of all ages. But it tends to be especially relevant for older people who may need a lot of care. By providing this service, you will help senior clients file claims and determine the best course of action regarding their health insurance.

house renovation

Some older homeowners can benefit from changes to their home as they age. If you are a qualified home remodeler, you can offer a service where you install bathroom safety bars, change hallways to accommodate wheelchairs, or even install motorized lifts around stairs.

Installing the ramp

Ramps can also be very handy around the exterior of seniors’ residences. This is a fairly simple service that you can provide by working with railing suppliers in your area.

House cleaning

If you want to specialize in a particular home service, you can offer weekly or monthly housekeeping appointments for seniors who can’t perform certain tasks in their homes.

Take care of an animal

Seniors who have pets may need help walking or grooming them regularly.

DIY service

You can start a DIY service and provide support for people of all ages. But it can be particularly lucrative to sell to older people who are unable to perform certain tasks at home.


Landscaping is another area where many seniors may need help. Offer general lawn mowing, gardening, or even more advanced landscaping so seniors in your area can keep their outdoor space in good shape.

Technical support

Many seniors use social media, smartphones and streaming services. However, some may also struggle with brand new technology. So if you are familiar with these areas, you can offer assistance to those who want to set up new devices or accounts.

Movable living room

For seniors who want help with their hair, nails, or other salon services but don’t want to leave their homes, you can start a mobile salon and bring those services directly to them.

Nutrition advice

Nutrition is important for people of all ages. But it is especially vital for seniors. Offer counseling services where you help senior clients create meal plans and stay healthy.

Exercise classes for seniors

If you want to start a fitness business, you can offer classes or personal training sessions specifically for seniors.

money management

Many seniors are on fixed incomes or preparing to retire, which means they could potentially need help managing their money.

Delivery service

For seniors who don’t want to do their own shopping, you can offer a delivery service where you bring things like food and groceries to them.

Senior relocation

For seniors preparing to move into retirement communities or simply downsize to a smaller space, you can provide moving assistance that covers everything from packing to selling or donating certain goods. .

Elder Care Council

You can also help families sort through all the different options that come with aging. You can help them find nursing homes or retirement communities and navigate the process of getting the right care.

Travel group service

Many seniors choose to spend their retirement years traveling. And many may want to do it in a group. You can set up a travel service that organizes group outings specifically for seniors.

house guard

You can also help give them peace of mind while they travel by monitoring their home and/or pets while they are away.

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