Service business

Benchmark Space Systems unveils space mobility activity as a service

TAMPA, Fla – Satellite propulsion startup Benchmark Space Systems has secured customers for a new ‘mobility as a service’ business, which, similar to a cab ride, will charge them based on the amount of thruster that they use. Benchmark, based in Burlington, Vt., Said its space mobility service significantly reduces up-front propulsion costs for in-orbit […]

Service business

Stock iSun: a “Renewable Energy as a Service” business plan (NASDAQ: ISUN)

mikkelwilliam / iStock via Getty Images Trying to provide renewable energy as a service iSun (ISUN) is a solar engineering, procurement and construction (“EPC”) company that recently merged with Peck Electrical, listed on SPAC, to form a diverse and fully integrated solar infrastructure provider. The company is based in Vermont and has completed some of […]

Service charge

After the service charge cap, here’s how much you’ll have to pay for the Covid-19 vaccine in private hospitals

After Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday announced a price cap on service charges for Covid-19 vaccines in private hospitals, vaccine prices between manufacturers were revised. Prime Minister Modi said the Center decided to buy 75% of vaccines from vaccine manufacturers for free supply to states, while private sector hospitals would continue to source 25% […]