Service charge

£ 11 for Red Bull, service charge £ 236: Bill for celebrity chef Salt Bae’s new London restaurant shocks Twitter

We all remember ‘Salt Bae’, Turkish chef Nusret Gokce who went viral a few years ago for his photo of sprinkling salt on meat. The chef has now opened a chain of restaurants across the world. Gokce recently shared a video giving an overview of the new restaurant that has opened in London.

“I waited a very long time, but the dream is finally coming true by opening Nusr_et London very soon”, he wrote in the caption. The videos and images show off an impressive interior view of the restaurant, with Salt Bae slicing up meat and sprinkling salt on it in his signature style.

But that’s not why he’s making the rounds on social media. An expensive restaurant bill recently went viral on Twitter for charging the customer Rs 1,81,494 (£ 1,812.40).

The restaurant charges £ 236.40 as a service charge on the bill. Internet users are shocked by the high prices of the dishes on the menu.

“Honestly, that must be a wake-up call. Absolutely ridiculous spending that kind of money on a meal, it’s just obscene,” one Twitter user said in the photo of the receipt that went viral. “You are clearly being ripped off, it is there in black and white to see, no cut of beef is worth £ 630, you were charged £ 11 for a box of red bull.”

Many Twitter lost it because of the price of Red Bull restaurant which was priced at £ 11.00 and Coca Cola at £ 9.00 compared to other products.

“These service charges alone represent 3 weeks of shopping for a family,” wrote another.